Vote FOR Prop 4: The Largest Tax Cut in History

Howdy fellow Texans! During the upcoming November election, you, the voters, will be heading to the polls to vote on amendments to our state’s constitution. Among the 14 propositions on your ballot, you will have the historic opportunity to authorize the largest tax cut in history by voting in favor of Proposition 4. I was honored to author Proposition 4 during the second called special legislative session this past July.

This year the general election date will fall on Tuesday, November 7th. Early voting in-person will begin on October 23rd and will run through November 3rd. The Texas House and Texas Senate arrived at an agreement for an $18 billion tax cut for Texas taxpayers. As part of the agreement, we passed the omnibus property tax relief and appraisal reform package that features this constitutional amendment. The amendment, Proposition 4 on your November ballot, provides the constitutional authority to implement this historic tax cut.

Voting for Proposition 4 will advance $18 billion in tax cuts with nearly $13 billion in property tax compression. Tax compression in this case is simply the use of state funding to reduce your local school district tax rates. The tax compression replaces local revenues by injecting more state revenue to push down the local maintenance and operation tax rates, which will ultimately reduce what taxpayers owe on their local property tax bills.

Voting for Proposition 4 will also mean raising the homestead exemption from $40,000 to $100,000 for all homesteads in Texas while maintaining the additional $10,000 homestead exemption for those 65 years of age and older or disabled. This means that Texans 65 years of age and older or disabled will receive a $110,000 homestead exemption. Notably, it also implements a three-year pilot program for a 20% limit increase in taxable value for commercial properties valued under $5 million which expires on 12/31/2026.

Crucially, Proposition 4 also provides for the election of three additional members to a county appraisal district board of directors. This will be a requirement for counties with a population of 75,000 or more in size. Going forward, the appraisal review board (ARB) members will be appointed by the appraisal district board of directors, and at least two of the elected board members must approve an appointed ARB member as a part of a majority vote.  This puts the ARB in the hands of the citizens!

This is a landmark property tax relief and appraisal reform plan that incorporates policies that Texans have asked for year after year. As someone who has continuously fought for tax relief and appraisal reform in the legislature, I am happy to see that we now have an appraisal cap on commercial property by limiting the amount on the taxable value of these properties which has never existed before. This is especially important since I have seen some commercial properties’ taxable value increase by over 300% with no limit in place. We also now have elected members of the appraisal district board of directors who have the authority to appoint the ARB members!

I am grateful to my colleagues in the legislature, as well as the Speaker, Lt. Governor and Governor for their help in providing Texans with historic results for Texas taxpayers. I encourage everyone to vote FOR Proposition 4. With your vote, you have the ability to codify the largest tax cut in history and to finally give We The People a voice on the value side of the property tax equation, which has been so desperately needed. Remember to mark your calendars and get out to vote by November 7th.

Vote FOR Prop 4!

Will Metcalf
State Representative
House District 16

REPRESENTATIVE WILL METCALF represents House District 16 which encompasses the northern portion of Montgomery County (Conroe, Montgomery, and Willis).