Legislation from the 88th Session

HB 2 – Co-Author – Lowers the appraisal cap to 5% from 10% for residential and commercial property.

HB 3 – Co-Author –  School safety legislation requiring law enforcement on school campuses and appropriating funds to school districts for school safety measures.

HB 4 – Co-Author – The Texas Data Privacy and Security Act which will protect Texans personal data.

HB 7 – Co-Author – Creates the Border Protection Unit within DPS and creates the border security legislative oversight committee to give border security recommendations.

HB 8 – Co-Author – Provides financial aid for students to enroll in dual credit courses at no cost to the student at public junior colleges.

HB 9 – Co-Author – Creates the Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund.

HB 13 – Co-Author – Requires school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to have an active shooter preparedness plan.

HB 17 – Joint-Author – Provides for the removal of a district attorney who does not prosecute crimes which are state law.

HB 18 – Co-Author – Requires that social media companies exercise care to prevent exposing harmful material to a minor through age verification.

HB 19- Co-Author- Creates a specialized business trial court to streamline resolutions of business disputes.

HB 20 – Co-Author – Increases crime for illegal border entry and creates the Border Protection Unit within DPS.

HB 23 – Co-Author – Prohibits men from competing in women college sports.

HB 25 – Co-Author – Requires a wholesale drug importation program that would help lower the cost of prescription drugs.

HB 28 – Joint-Author – Increases the penalty for aggravated assault that results in irreversible paralysis.

HB 29 – Co-Author – Eliminates school district maintenance and operation ad valorem taxes.

HB 30 – Joint-Author – Exempts information that law enforcement can keep from public info requests.

HB 33 – Joint-Author – Prohibits Texas state agencies and officials from adhering to federal polices regarding the oil and gas industry that conflict with state law.


HB 34 – Co-Author – Requires students who engage in violent criminal conduct to be placed in a referral program.

HB 39 – Joint-Author – Increases the penalty of illegal voting to a second degree felony.

HB 44 – Co-Author – Prohibits a healthcare provider who participates in Medicaid or CHIP from refusing to provide services to a recipient because of the recipient’s refusal or failure to obtain a vaccine.

HB 52 – Joint-Author – Increases the penalty of illegal voting to a second degree felony.

HB 60 – Co-Author – Requires public school health education curriculum to teach that life begins at conception.

HB 61 – Co-Author – Prohibits logistical support by a governmental entity for procurement of an abortion.

HB 65 – Co-Author – Creates an offense for unlawfully entering the United States.

HB 81 – Co-Author – Requires patient consent before administering a COVID-19 vaccine.

HB 82 – Co-Author – Creates the interstate compact for border security.

HB 90 – Co-Author – Expands the benefits available for members of the Texas military forces and their survivors.

HB 93 – Co-Author – Increases the penalty for drinking and driving.

HB 96 – Co-Author – Exempts border patrol members from appraisal records.

HB 111 – Co-Author – Removes liability defenses that allow an induvial to expose children to inappropriate material.

HB 122- Co-Author – Places liability on a medical professional who changes the gender of a child.

HB 139 – Joint-Author – Requires an agency to notify a legislator when they post rules to the Texas Register regarding legislation the legislator passed in the last 4 years.

HB 200 – Co-Author – Reestablishes the Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council which is tasked with disciplining prosecutors who do not uphold the law.

HB 231 – Co-Author -Requires the SBOE to create standards for the purchase of library books.

HB 246 – Co-Author – Requires the secretary of state to create a pilot program for a process to record the counting of ballots.

HB 294 – Co-Author – Clarifies the separation of federal elections from state and local elections.

HB 319 – Co-Author – Allows healthcare providers to decline participating in a health care service based on their conscience.

HB 360 – Co-Author – Requires schools to disclose information about teaching materials and activities.

HB 391 – Joint-Author – Repeals the franchise tax.

HB 471 – Co-Author – Gives firefighters and first responders a leave of absence for an illness or injury suffered on the job.

HB 478 – Co-Author – Enforces the parental approval for students to participate in human sexuality courses.

HB 513 – Author – Creates a standalone offense for manufacture or delivery of fentanyl that causes an overdose.

HB 521 – Co-Author – Allows a pregnant woman to use an HOV lane.

HB 522 – Co-Author – Recognizes the Celebration of Life Day as a state holiday.

HB 553 – Joint-Author – Prohibits local governments from adopting an ordinance that provides welfare payments such as a universal basic income.

HB 571 – Co-Author – Repeals the defense for the offense of displaying harmful material to a minor.

HB 600 – Co-Author – Proposes a COLA for retired teachers.

HB 609 – Co-Author – Creates protections for businesses owners that do not require employees to be vaccinated against a pandemic disease.

HB 631 – Co-Author – Requires the Texas Education Agency to create procedures to inform parents if their child changes their gender identity.

HB 636 – Co-Author – Allows an election judge to carry a firearm on the premises of an election.

HB 643 – Co-Author – Clarifies a drag performance as a sexually oriented business.

HB 670 – Joint-Author – Allows a person to drink wine in a licensed premise that was purchased elsewhere and allows an individual to take the remainder of the wine home.

HB 683 – Co-Author – Exempts tuition for paramedics for emergency preparedness courses.

HB 777 – Co-Author – Prohibits COVID mandates in public schools.

HB 787 – Co-Author – Prohibits the receipt of tax incentives by business entities that assists an employee to obtain an abortion.

HB 800 – Co-Author – Creates offense for human smuggling.

HB 807 – Co-Author – Prohibits an individual being forced by the government to receive a vaccine.

HB 808 – Author – Makes the chief appraiser an elected position.

HB 809 – Author­ ­– Makes the appraisal board of directors an elected position

HB 810 – Author – Makes the appraisal review board an elected position.

HB 862 – Co-Author – Requires that an individual who is not a citizen be removed from the voter rolls.

HB 881 – Author – Removes the prohibition of state formula funding for the Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

HB 888 – Co-Author – Establishes a statute of limitations for filing a health care liability claim related to gender modification drugs and procedures.

HB 892 – Co-Author –  Implements a law enforcement agency accreditation grant program.

HB 900 – Co-Author –  Prohibits sexually explicit books for being included in public school libraries.

HB 1015 – Co-Author – Prohibit state money from being used for COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

HB 1075 – Co-Author – Prohibits foreign governments from acquiring agricultural land.

HB 1155 – Co-Author – Prohibits the teaching of gender identity in public schools.

HB 1163 – Joint-Author – Increases the criminal penalty for boating while intoxicated (BWI) with a child passenger.

HB 1221 – Author – Allows TDCJ to claim unclaimed property on behalf of crime victims.

HB 1222 – Author – Removes front license plate requirement.

HB 1223 – Author – Lowers the appraisal cap to 5% for homestead properties.

HB 1224 – Author – Lowers the appraisal cap to 10% for real property.

HB 1225 – Author – Allows a parent or guardian to request that their students STAAR test be administered on paper.

HB 1226 – Author – Repeals the franchise tax.

HB 1227 – Author – Adds the offense of possession or promotion of child pornography on the list of aggravated offenses.

HB 1228 – Author – Allows property owners to receive a copy of information before they protest to the appraisal review board.

HB 1243 – Co-Author – Increases the penalty for illegal voting.

HB 1313 – Co-Author – Creates a study on the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

HB 1372 – Co-Author – Establishes clear guidelines for defining and limiting the scope of the tort of public nuisance.

HB 1408 – Co-Author – Modifies the elements of the offense related to possessing lewd visual material depicting a child.

HB 1414 – Co-Author – Prohibits any restriction on gas stoves.

HB 1422 – Author – Makes daylight savings time permanent all year around.

HB 1425 – Author – Allow voters to decide whether they prefer daylight savings time or standard time.

HB 1436 – Author – Redesignates County Court at Law No. 2 of MoCo as Probate Court No. 1 of MoCo.

HB 1474 – Co-Author – Requires colleges to adopt policies that support pregnant students and students who are parents and does not allow colleges to discriminate against pregnant or parent students.

HB 1494 – Co-Author – Clarifies existing law so that Texas or a political subdivision may not enact a rule that limits religious services.

HB 1507 – Joint-Author – Prohibits celebrations and programs relating to sexual preference in public schools.

HB 1541 – Co-Author – Strengthens parental rights and restricts instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in public education.

HB 1574 – Co-Author – Requires public institutions to provide early registration for parenting students with children under 18 years of age.

HB 1580 – Author – Provides paid parental leave for state agency employees.

HB 1581 – Co-Author – Creates standalone charge for the delivery of a controlled substance causing death or serious bodily injury.

HB 1600 – Joint-Author – Creates a criminal offense for entering Texas illegally from a foreign country.

HB 1610 – Joint-Author – Prohibits settlements challenging constitutionality and provides financial support to state agencies in such cases.

HB 1613 – Co-Author – Protects disabled veterans homestead property tax exemption while expanding reimbursement eligibility for local governments that are disproportionally impacted.

HB 1655 – Co-Author – Prohibits sexually explicit books in public school libraries.

HB 1686 – Joint-Author – Prohibits certain procedures and treatments for gender transitioning, gender reassignment, or gender dysphoria in children and prohibits the use of public funds for those procedures.

HB 1735 – Co-Author – Increase the offense of illegal voting.

HB 1750 – Joint-Author – Limits city ordinances that overly regulate agricultural operations within city boundaries.

HB 1769 Joint-Author –  Extends statute of limitations for trafficking of persons from 10 to 20 years.

HB 1790 – Co-Author – Relieves reporting employer from paying certain TRS retiree contributions if a retired teachers comes back to work.

HB 1804 – Co-Author – Ensures educational materials adopted by the State Board of Education adhere to factual accuracy.

HB 1845 – Author – Allows high school students to earn high school credit while getting their water operator license.

HB 1952 – Co-Author – Prohibits the change of sex on birth certificates.

HB 1956 – Joint-Author – Allows homeowners to recover a reasonable amount of attorney fees after successfully challenging their home appraisal in an appeal of an ARB.

HB 1973 – Co-Author – Requires itemized billing after providing a health care service.

HB 2010 – Co-Author – Enables designated emergency care providers to care for abandoned infants through voluntary delivery or placement in newborn safety devices.

HB 2012 – Joint-Author – Allows a teacher to display “In God We Trust” in their classroom

HB 2020 – Co-Author – Allows the Secretary of State to suspend an election administrator at any time.

HB 2031 – Author – Repeals state testing requirements in schools to what is only federally required.

HB 2035 – Joint-Author – Prohibits local governments from adopting or enforcing measures that restrict or delay eviction procedures.

HB 2041 – Co-Author – Second amendment protection legislation which does not allow financial institutions to discriminate against someone who makes firearm purchases.

HB 2064 – Co-Author – Allows retired peace officers to be employed as school district security personnel.

HB 2073 – Joint-Author – Streamlines fuel cost recovery process for non-ERCOT utilities.

HB 2123 – Co-Author – Implements an offense if a volunteer deputy registrar fails to verify citizenship of a voter.

HB 2127 – Co-Author – Establishes statewide consistency and limits the authority of municipalities to adopt regulations that conflict with state laws.

HB 2157 – Author – Gives state agencies more flexibility to adjust salaries under the Texas Position Classification Plan.

HB 2192 – Joint-Author – Increases the criminal penalty for election fraud.

HB 2239 – Co-Author – Allows Texans to remove Ashe juniper trees on their private property without fear of fines.

HB 2249 – Author – Makes Appraisal Review Board of Montgomery County an elected position.

HB 2250- Makes the Appraisal Board of Directors of Montgomery County an elected position.

HB 2253 – Author – Makes the Chief Appraiser of Montgomery County an elected position.

HB 2374 – Co-Author – Bans local govts. from banning gas combustion engines.

HB 2425 – Co-Author – prohibits governmental entities from entering into contracts with Chinese companies for goods or services.

HB 2426 – Co-Author – Requires lobbyists to disclose whether they are registered as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

HB 2468 – Joint-Author – Gives an employee that suffers a serious bodily injury lifetime benefits under workers comp.

HB 2488 – Joint-Author – Shifts the burden of proof in certain ad valorem tax appeals to the appraisal district.

HB 2546 – Author – Clarifies that a District of Innovation school district can not start instruction until the third Wednesday in August.

HB 2549 – Co-Author – Requires wind turbines to use light mitigation technology to mitigate light pollution.

HB 2555 – Author – Allows electric utilities to submit resiliency plans to the PUC.

HB 2560 – Author – Authorizes counties the ability to create child safety zones protecting children from sexual offenders in the unincorporated area of the county.

HB 2574 – Joint-Author – Updates notice requirements for self-storage facility lien sales, allowing online advertising.

HB 2615 – Co-Author – Establishes a trade diploma program for high school students.

HB 2659 – Co-Author – Allows a public school employee to opt out of inclusivity training.

HB 2690 – Co-Author – Creates a criminal offense for distribution of abortion-inducing drugs

HB 2705 – Co-Author – Removes short-barrel firearms from the list of prohibited weapons.

HB 2736 – Co-Author – Requires a school district to ensure that they are not exposing students to inappropriate material in schools.

HB 2793 – Joint-Author –  Establishes a framework for ERCOT to monitor back up generation on the grid.

HB 2846 – Co-Author – Prohibits the State Bar of Texas from punishing attorneys for expressing their first amendment rights.

HB 2911 – Author – Requires the San Jacinto River Authority to receive voter approval for the issuance of revenue bonds.

HB 2912 – Author – Allows voters within the SJRA boundary to elect the board of directors for the San Jacinto River Authority.

HB 2913 – Author – Allows a commissioners court within the SJRA boundary to make recommendations for the appointment of a person to the board of directors of SJRA.

HB 2987- Author – Exempts business personal property from the property tax system.

HB 2989 – Author – Implements a 10% appraisal cap on real property valued at $10 million or less.

HB 3137 – Co-Author –  Prohibits cities or counties from regulating firearms.

HB 3138 – Co-Author –  Recognizes handgun licenses from other states.

HB 3162 – Co-Author –  Enhances patient protections on end-of-life care and DNR orders.

HB 3164 – Co-Author –  Prohibits DEI offices at institutions of higher education.

HB 3340- Author- Allows Houston fire and police to operate a DROP account in their pension system.

HB 3362 – Author – Requires all peace officers to complete active shooter training.

HB 3379 – Co-Author –  Creates an equal parenting order for child custody.

HB 3463 – Author – Implements a paid parental leave policy for state agency employees.

HB 3553- Co-Author- Increases the criminal penalty for trafficking people on a college campus.

HB 3554 – Co-Author –  Increases the criminal penalty for trafficking people from places that interact with children.

HB 3561 – Co-Author – Relieves reporting employers from paying certain TRS retiree contributions if a retired teacher comes back to work.

HB 3570 – Co-Author –  Requires age verification for internet websites that publish sexually explicit materials.

HB 3585 – Co-Author –  Requires age verification for internet websites that publish sexually explicit materials.

HB 3737 – Author – Updates the electricity supply chain map to include water facilities, and adds TxDOT to the electric supply chain mapping committee.

HB 3782 – Co-Author –  Establishes the Border Security Advisory Council and the Border Protection Task Force.

HB 3822 – Author – Requires the construction of nontolled frontage roads alongside certain toll projects on previously nontolled highways.

HB 3828 – Author – Allows toll project entities to cease toll collection on certain projects once the cost of acquisition and construction have been paid or when approved by a majority vote.

HB 3847 – Co-Author –  Removes certain defenses to prosecution for conduct that may be harmful to children.

HB 3883 – Co-Author –  Establishes definitions for biological sex and requires governmental entities to collect information based on male or female identification.

HB 3896 – Author – Requires the commissioner of education to teach one continuous week in each public school grade.

HB 3928 – Co-Author –  Requires school districts to screen students for dyslexia.

HB 4006 – Joint-Author – Prohibits foreign entities from purchasing or acquiring title to real property in the state.

HB 4026 – Co-Author –  Creates the office of state special prosecutor, to represent the state in cases related to violations of state law.

HB 4049 – Co-Author –  Pro-life legislation codifying Alternatives to Abortion program in state law in order to fund services in the program.

HB 4078 – Joint-Author – Ensures that franchise dealers are reimbursed by a manufacturer for warranty and recall work at the same rate as a retail customer.

HB 4089 – Co-Author –  Establishes the Texas Alternatives to Abortion Program, which provides pregnancy support services.

HB 4138 – Co-Author –  Establishes the Texas Adoption Assistance Program, which provides adoption assistance grants to families.

HB 4180 – Co-Author –  Increases the penalty for street racing.

HB 4198 – Co-Author –  Increases the criminal penalty for illegal voting.

HB 4350 – Co-Author –  Prohibits health care discrimination based on vaccination status.

HB 4378 – Co-Author –  Establishes a cause of action for drag performances preformed in front of a minor.

HB 4520 – Co-Author –  Revokes teaching licenses of an educator who provides harmful material to a minor.

HB 4549 – Co-Author –  Allows the Attorney General to prosecute offenses related to the election code.

HB 4580 – Co-Author –  Ensures that students enrolled in a religious private school have full access to public benefits that students in public schools also have access to.

HB 4590 – Joint-Author – Allows electric co-ops access to funds to off-set costs incurred during Winter Storm Uri to protect customers rates.

HB 4825 – Author – Allows school districts more access to public school funding.

HB 4847 – Author -Allows school districts more access to public school funding.

HB 5000 – Co-Author – Ensures that students enrolled in a religious private school have full access to public benefits that students in public schools also have access to.

HB 5035 – Co-Author – Increases the penalty for displaying harmful material to minors.

HB 5125 – Author – Updates laws addressing administrative and financial matters in the legislative branch.

HB 5140 – Co-Author – Prohibits the consideration of race or ethnicity in governmental employment or contracting practices.

HB 5217 – Joint-Author – Allows citizens located in a city ETJ to petition removal from the ETJ.

HB 5235 – Co-Author – Requires that the bathroom used by an individual must correspond with their biological sex in a public school.

HB 5261 – Co-Author – Establishes parental rights in education and the establishment of an education savings account program.

HCR 26 – Joint-Author – Authorizes the State Preservation Board to approve the construction of the monument honoring victims of communism.

HJR 73 – Author – Constitutional amendment lowering the limit on the maximum appraised value to 5% of a residence homestead for ad valorem taxes.

HJR 74 – Author – Constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to limit the maximum appraised value of real property for ad valorem taxes.

HJR 82 – Author – Allows a statewide vote on whether to adopt daylight saving time or standard time permanently throughout the year.

HJR 129 – Author – Constitutional amendment excluding tangible personal property from being subject to ad valorem taxes.

HJR 131 – Author –  Constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to limit the maximum appraised value of certain commercial real property for ad valorem taxes.

HR 88 – Author –  Recognizes February 14, 2023 as Montgomery County Day at the State Capitol.

SB 3 – Co-Sponsored – Increases the homestead exemption in Texas and lowers the appraisal cap for property.

SB 10 – Co-Sponsored – Provides a COLA for retired teachers.

SB 12 – Joint-Sponsored- Does not allow children to attend sexually explicit performances.

SB 14- Joint-Sponsored- Bans the gender modification of a child in Texas.

SB 24 – Co-Sponsored – Pro life legislation consolidating support programs related to family support, including the Alternatives to Abortion Program, from DFPS to HHSC.

SB 177 – Co-Sponsored – Requires informed consent before giving someone a COVID-19 vaccine.

SB 222 – Sponsor – Provides paid parental leave for state agency employees.

SB 267 – Co-Sponsored – Requires certain law enforcement agencies to achieve and maintain accreditation by creating a grant program to provide financial assistance.

SB 412 – Co-Sponsored – Enforces rules to support pregnant or parenting students in public colleges.

SB 459 – Co-Sponsored – Allows for students who are parents to receive early registration in higher education.

SB 490 – Co-Sponsored – Requires health care providers to issue an itemized bill prior to or at the same time as attempting to collect payment from the patient after providing a health care service.


SB 559 – Co-Sponsored – Prohibits the state bar of Texas from punishing attorneys for exercising their first amendment rights.

SB 780 – Co-Sponsored – Authorizes a designated emergency infant care provider to place newborn safety devices  in its facilities.

SB 1017 – Co-Sponsored – Enforces restrictions on the regulation of energy sources by local governments.

SB 1093 – Sponsor –  Adds water facilities to the electricity supply chain map, including TxDOT in the mapping committee.

SB 1403 – Co-Sponsored – Allows for the building of a wall at our southern border.

SB 1563 – Sponsor – Removes state formula funding prohibition for the Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

SB 1852 – Sponsor – Requires all peace officers to complete active shooter training.

SB 1866 – Sponsor – Allows Entergy Texas to provide backup electrical service to non residential retail customers through customer-sited distributed generation facilities.

SB 2038- Joint-Sponsored- Allows citizens located in a city ETJ to petition removal from the ETJ.

SB 2333 – Sponsor – Allows all types of service dogs in the state capitol.

SJR 3 – Co-Sponsored – Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the legislature to lower the limitation on appraised value for residence homesteads.