Secure Our Borders

We need to be sure we are doing everything within our means to protect our borders and ensure that law enforcement has the tools they need to identify and arrest criminal illegal immigrants. One thing we can do TODAY is end sanctuary cities; this only attracts illegal immigrants to our cities and to our state.

Fight Overreach From the Federal Government

Obama and the bureaucrats in Washington are out of control, from the Healthcare mess, to overspending and failing to secure our borders. We need a voice in Austin who will fight back and make sure Texans run Texas.

Better Education

Local control for education is key. We need our teachers to get back to doing what they do best, teaching our children, not teaching them to just pass a standardized test or check a box.

Address Water Supply

As our population grows, it will become more and more important to protect, manage and distribute water. We need to make sure that every community has options for their water needs, with an open dialogue for the solutions.

No New Taxes

I will not vote to raise taxes. I believe in truth in taxation; we need to make our systems simple and easy for everyone to use. I promise to constantly look for ways to lessen the taxation on Texans.

Protect Life

My beautiful twin daughters are proof that nothing is more precious than life. There is no question that I am Pro-Life and I am a voice in Austin for the unborn who do not have one.

Sustain Texas’ Energy Economy

Texas’ energy economy has been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise gloomy economic picture. Energy independence is now realistic with developments in fracking, which have also brought thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to Texas. I have proven to protect and expand the energy engine that is powering the Texas economy

Stand for Second Amendment Rights

As an avid hunter and sportsman, protecting the rights of responsible Americans is one of my top priorities. I pledge to continue Texas’ proud tradition of responsible and constitutional gun ownership.

Protect Traditional Marriage

I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, just as God intended. I will oppose any expansion of same-sex marriage in the state of Texas.

Stop Frivolous Lawsuits

Frivolous lawsuits cost Texans and Texas businesses millions of dollars every year. When looking at ways to save money and tighten Texas’ fiscal belt, tort reform would relieve a significant burden.

Make Montgomery County Proud

My reputation and my family’s reputation are too high for me to become just another politician. I care deeply for this community and the people within it and I would never do anything that would disappoint them or let them down.  When Montgomery County sends me to Austin, it can count on getting the same Will Metcalf back.

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