Metcalf Endorsed by Over 30 Local Leaders and Elected Officials



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January 8, 2013

Metcalf Endorsed by Over 30 Local Leaders and Elected Officials, 
Including Five Former State 

CONROE, TX -­‐ Sixth generation resident of Montgomery County and local business leader, Will Metcalf, announced key local endorsements for his campaign to be the next State Representative from House District 16.  

“I am truly humbled by the local leaders who have stepped forward to endorse our campaign,” stated Metcalf, “these are the leaders in our community who have helped make Montgomery County great and, with their support, I hope to join them in that effort.” 

Metcalf has devoted his life to the people of Montgomery County. From growing up and graduating from Conroe ISD schools, to doing business here and helping our area grow by leaps and bounds, Will Metcalf understands how to make a positive impact on our community.

Metcalf has the firsthand knowledge of the key issues and events that have helped shape this community and is prepared to ensure the people of Montgomery County have a new generation of conservative leadership from day one. As your next state representative, Metcalf will work hard to fight for our values, keeping Texas a shining example for business and job creation. 

“I’m proud to endorse Will in his bid to be District 16’s next state representative. We need cultivate new conservative leadership in Austin and Will is ready to be that leader,” said Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner Mike Meador. “Montgomery County needs to have someone who will represent our values, not the values of special interest groups or radical rogue agendas, and no one in this race knows what this community is about more than Will Metcalf.” 

Metcalf has continuous roots in Montgomery County dating back to 1847. Will was born in Conroe, and is the son of Mary Ann and Tommy Metcalf. He is a product of Conroe ISD. After graduation, Metcalf attended Sam Houston State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. Will and his wife Megan have been married for six years, and they are the proud parents of beautiful two-­‐year-­‐old twin daughters, Amelia and Elizabeth. Megan is the Vice President of the Conroe Service League and a member of the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women, and an associate member of North Shore Republican Women. The Metcalfs attend Fellowship of Montgomery Church.

Endorsement List

Former State Rep. Ruben Hope

Former State Rep. Bob Rabuck

Former State Rep. Rodney Tow

Former State Rep. Jimmie Edwards

Former State Rep. David Crews

Montgomery County Commissioner -­‐ Precinct 1, Mike Meador Montgomery County Commissioner -­‐ Precinct 4, Ed Reinhert Montgomery County -­‐ Precinct 1 Constable, Don Chumley Former Montgomery County Commissioner and Sherriff, Joe Corley Conroe City Council Member Guy Martin

Conroe City Council Member Jim Gentry

Conroe City Council Member Marsha Porter

Conroe City Council Member Gil Snyder

Conroe ISD School Board Member Dr. Mel Brown

Conroe ISD School Board Member John Husbands

Montgomery Mayor John Fox

Montgomery City Councilman, Gareth Westlake

Montgomery ISD School Board Member Steve Williams

Willis ISD School Board Member Robin Sproba

Willis ISD School Board Member Becky Brousard

Willis ISD School Board Member Christen Arnold

Willis ISD School Board Member Cliff Williams

Former County Attorney David Walker

Former Montgomery County Clerk Roy Harris

Former Conroe Mayor and County Judge R.A. “Mickey” Dieson Former Conroe Mayor Tommy Metcalf 

Former Conroe Mayor Carter Moore

Former Conroe Mayor Albert Madeley 

Former Conroe City Council Member Duke Coon

Former Conroe City Council Member J. Ross Martin

Former Conroe City Council Member Jerry Streater

Former Montgomery ISD Board Member Jill Vaughan

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