Ham Endorses Metcalf

Former Texas State Representative candidate for House District 16, Duane Ham, made the following statement after nearly two months of research and consideration. This endorsement decision was not taken lightly. He made the statement and approved it for immediate release.

"Let my start by saying that I believe that our next State Representative in HD16 will play a critical role in Austin for our county during the 84th Legislative Session. That belief is so strong that I literally placed my own business efforts on hold while I pursued that office. Both gentlemen remaining in the runoff have my respect.

"With that said, I believe one has more to offer our District. To my supporters, you know that I believe we need someone who understands the citizens of the district, someone whose past efforts have proven his commitment to our community and to our county, someone who has business savvy, who believes in limited government and who knows that his effort and his vote are owed to his constituents and not to special interests.

"For those reasons and others, I would ask you to join me in supporting the man who gets my endorsement for State Rep HD16, Will Metcalf."

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